About Us

Patches and Buttons 

a modern haberdashery and Fabric shop in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

01200 423089


We have been selling Fabric and Haberdashery on Moor Lane, Clitheroe since October 2009. it was as unexpected to me as it was to everyone else, hence, I have often described myself as an Accidental Haberdasher, in fact if I ever get around to writing a blog that will be my moniker. So why the ‘accidental?’ 

Well back in the day I was a Teacher, but I left the profession after my children were born to become a full-time mum. This somehow evolved into ownership of a very busy children’s nursery. However, by 2008 I was looking for a change, a new challenge with no idea what that might be. In October 2009 it turned out to be Patches and Buttons, when we opened our doors to the townsfolk of Clitheroe and all our lovely visitors and we haven’t looked back.